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How to use the PVC mixer correctly?

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I believe that everyone is familiar with the PVC mixer, but relatively new users are relatively unfamiliar, so how do we use the PVC mixer correctly for new users? In this article, we will introduce the use of PVC mixers.

Here is the list of contents

  • The operation process of the PVC mixer

  • Notes on the use of PVC mixer

The operation of PVC mixer instructions

  • An air-run test should be conducted before use

  • Air-run test. In the case of no abnormal sound, bearing gear high heat, reducer temperature helicopter, and other undesirable phenomena, before the large plastic vertical mixer can be put into production. The machine should check the solidity of all the connections of the large plastic vertical mixer, the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer, and the integrity of the electrical equipment before the test, then close the main switch, power supply, and air-run test machine.

  • In operation, such as the need to scrape the barrel wall material, the application of bamboo and wood tools, do not use your hands, so as not to cause injury to hands accidents.

  • In use, if you find that the machine vibration is abnormal or unusual sound, should immediately stop the large plastic vertical mixer for a comprehensive inspection.

  • Do not use too much load, generally measured by the load of the motor, with 380V motor in the mixing of plastic heavy-duty current, to not more than 6 amps as normal, such as more than the load should immediately reduce the mixing capacity.

  • Stirring screw shaft seal at both ends should be kept clean, so as not to cause plastic blackening, deterioration, large stirring barrel body at both ends of the outer file left square hole, should be smooth, do not make large plastic vertical mixer blockage, so as not to counter pressure, so that dirt infiltration into the shaft, so that the barrel of material blackening, deterioration.

  • Managers must be familiar with the technical performance of the large plastic vertical mixer, internal structure, control structure, and use of the principle. Do not leave the workplace during operation to prevent malfunctions and damage to the machine to ensure safe production.

  • Turn on the power, open the cover of the mixer, press the safety switch by hand, and then press the green start switch, pay attention to the motor steering (clockwise rotation), if the direction is reversed, please press the red switch to stop and turn off the power, switch any two firewire position wiring can be.

  • After confirming the correct direction of the motor can be put into production normally, please set the time according to the required mixing time of different materials (timer 0 ~ 30 minutes adjustable) for production use.

Precautions for using PVC mixer

  • Make sure that the voltage and frequency of the power supply match with the manufacturer's nameplate.

  • Connecting cable and ground should obey the local regulations.

  • Use a separate cable and power switch, the wire diameter should be not smaller than the wire applied to the electric control box.

  • The wire terminals should be safe and firm.

  • The series power supply adopts a three-phase four-wire, power supply (L1, L2, L3) connected to the power supply fire line, and zero line.

  • Power distribution requirements: main power supply voltage: ±5% Main power supply frequency: ±2%.

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