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How about SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer?

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SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer is widely used in the process of compounding, drying, and dyeing, and is one of the most ideal equipment for profile and pipe production. This equipment has won the gold medal of invention, new product, and new technology at Tianjin International Fair. In this article, we will introduce this horizontal High-Speed Mixer produced by our company in detail.

The following is the list of contents

  • The process characteristics of the SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer

  • The production characteristics of SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer

The process characteristics of the SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer

  • The cold mixer of this equipment adopts a horizontal structure, which has the characteristics of a large cooling area, fast speed, and high homogeneity.

  • The mixer cover adopts a double-sealed pneumatic way to open.

  • The electric control system adopts RKC, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, and other famous instruments and control components to realize automatic control.

  • Equipped with a pulse dust removal device, customers can choose according to their needs

  • Blade and pulley are specially treated by static and dynamic balancing machines.

  • The simple loading system can also be equipped according to the customer's choice.

The production characteristics of SRL-W Horizontal High-Speed Mixer

  • For models below 500L, the mixer barrel is made of 5mm stainless steel and the bottom is made of 6mm stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. For models larger than 500L, the larger the machine, the thicker the wall thickness.

  • The mixer exhaust filter is made of a very good air filter for automobiles, and the exhaust effect is much better than the cloth bag filter.

  • The hot mixing blades are well designed, and the mixing time of one batch can save 2 minutes.

  • All of our mixers have passed the vibration damping test of dynamic balance and static balance.

  • The walls of the pot are precision ground, and the mixture does not stick to the pot. The main power supply is Siemens.

  • The temperature controller is Holip or Omron. Electric control cabinet with fan and light. Shaft seal adopts patented technology to ensure no leakage of material from shaft to pot connection.

  • Large stirring unit customers can choose ABB inverter. Our bearings all use NSK, SKF, and other famous brand bearings, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • The stirring paddle is composed of the upper paddle, middle paddle, and lower paddle.

  • To open the mixing barrel, the upper cover is slightly propped up by the cylinder and then moved horizontally to open the upper cover.

  • The sealing part is sealed by secondary white silicone rubber.

  • The lid with the inlet and exhaust port can be opened according to the customer's requirements.

  • The mixing drum and motor can be fixed with a belt clamping device.

  • The motor plate has bolts and screws for tightening and loosening the motor belt for easy maintenance.

  • Discharge block and cover are sealed with silicone O-ring instead of square sealing line to prevent falling off.

  • An exhaust cylinder can be set to ensure that the exhaust valve is activated on one ray. There are observation holes and air holes, valve activation limit spacing, etc.

  • Air is blown into the mixing drum from the seal. This structure can avoid production into the shaft seal.

  • A contactor switch on the wall of the drum ensures that the mixing pot will only work when the lid is closed.

  • The main electrical components are of Siemens brand. The temperature controller is Omron or Hollis. The electrical cabinet is simple and dust-free.

  • The hot mixer is controlled by a two-speed motor or a six-pole motor and ABB inverter.

  • Vacuum feeding system with dust collection device and optional screw feeder.

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