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Why use a turbo mixer?

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A mixer is a mechanical device used to mix liquids and other materials so as to complete uniform mixing. Turbo mixer, also called turbine impeller mixer, is a device that makes liquid and gas medium forced convection and uniform mixing. It has various styles, and the main part is the turbine. This wheel generates a large centrifugal force when rotating. It can throw the liquid in all directions. The ordinary turbines can produce radiation liquid flow and tangential liquid flow, when the speed is accelerated, radiation liquid flow is dominant. The application of a turbo mixer regardless of the viscosity of the liquid can be very good mixing. Why use turbo mixers in industrial production activities? Here is the answer to this question!

Here is the list of contents

  • What is a turbo mixer?

  • What is the point of turbo mixers?

What is a turbo mixer?

There are various forms of turbo mixers, which can be divided into disc turbo mixers and open turbo mixers according to the presence or absence of a disc; according to the impeller, they can be divided into flat and straight leaf, folded leaf, and backward curved leaf turbo mixers. turbo mixer diameter d and kettle diameter d true ratio of 0.2-0.5, to 0.33 mostly. The speed is generally 10~300 r/min, which is suitable for mixing low or medium viscosity liquids (viscosity less than 50 Pa-s).

The turbo mixer has a high circulation rate and a large shearing effect. It generates both strong radial flow and strong axial flow. Disc turbo mixer due to the existence of the disc makes the circulation rate of the disc turbo mixer is lower than the opening turbo mixer, folding leaf turbo mixer due to the strong axial flow of folding leaf turbo mixer and relatively small shear effect, curved leaf turbo and flat turbo mixer comparison, mainly in the curved leaf turbo mixer impeller is not easy to wear, and low power consumption.

The type of mixer, size and speed, the mixing power in the overall flow and turbulent pulsation between the distribution have an impact. Generally speaking, the power distribution of turbo mixers is favorable to turbulent pulsation, while the rotating paddle mixer is favorable to the overall flow.

What is the point of turbo mixers?

Turbo mixers are divided into disc turbo mixers and open turbo mixers; according to the impeller, they can be further divided into flat blades and inclined blades. The speed of the turbo mixer is larger, generally 300~600r/min. The main advantage of a turbo mixer is that when the energy consumption is not much, the mixing efficiency is high and the mixing produces a very strong radial flow. Therefore it is suitable for emulsions, suspensions, etc. The turbine stirrer has a large shear force, which can make the fluid micro-clusters dispersed very fine, and is suitable for mixing, liquid-liquid dispersion, liquid-solid suspension of low to medium viscosity fluids, as well as promoting good heat transfer, mass transfer, and chemical reaction.

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