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What is the working principle of the high speed mixer?

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The high speed mixer is suitable for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing liquid and liquid-powder phase materials in paint, dyestuff, ink, pigment, cosmetics, resin, adhesive, emulsion, medicine, petroleum, etc. at high speed, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be divided into single-shaft agitator and double-shaft agitator according to the application. The speed regulation of a high speed mixer usually adopts step-less speed regulation (such as for water-based paint), explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for oil-based paint), and other forms. So, what is the working principle of the high speed mixer?

Here is the list of contents

  • Working principle of high speed mixer

  • Application of high speed mixer

The working principle of a high speed mixer

The serrated circular dispersion disk of the high speed mixer rotates in the vessel at high speed to complete the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization, and stabilization. The following is the working principle of the high speed mixer.

  • To make the slurry in a rolling circular flow, generating a strong vortex, with the slurry surface particles descending in a spiral to the bottom of the vortex.

  • Forming a turbulent zone at the edge of the dispersion disk 2.5-5mm, where the slurry and particles are strongly sheared and impacted.

  • The upper and lower beam flow is formed outside the area, and the slurry is fully circulated and turned.

  • The dispersion disk of the mixer is in a laminar flow state below, and the slurry layers with different flow rates spread each other to play a dispersion role. The high speed mixer has various functions such as hydraulic lifting, 360-degree rotation, and stepless speed adjustment. It can be configured with 2-4 containers at the same time. The hydraulic lifting stroke of 1000㎜ and 360-degree rotation function can better meet the multi-purpose of one machine and can change from one cylinder to another cylinder for operation in a very short time, which greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the manual labor intensity at the same time.

Application of high speed mixer

high speed mixer can carry out the pre-dispersion process. The so-called pre-dispersion means that the pigment is mixed with part of the paint material and turned into a semi-finished pigment paste. Pre-dispersion is the first process of color paste production, the purpose is

  • To make the pigment mixed evenly;

  • To make the pigment partially wetted;

  • To break the large pigment aggregates initially.

Pre-dispersion is mainly mixing, playing a part in dispersion, and preparing for the next grinding process. The pre-dispersion effect directly affects the quality and efficiency of grinding and dispersion. Therefore, the pre-dispersion effect can be a good measure of the performance of a high speed mixer. For example, if the pigment used in the production of color paint is easy to disperse, or the fineness of color paint is not high, then the color paint can be directly dispersed by the high speed mixer.

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Zhangjiagang Chenxing Machinery Co., Ltd., its predecessor is Sanxing Plastic Machinery Factory. It evolved into a joint-equity enterprise in 1996 from the former collective enterprise. 







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