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What is the significance of the PET bottle flakes washing line?

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PET, as a renewable resource, is now widely used as a raw material for recycled polyester filament, staple fiber, polyester film, and food-grade, bottle grade, and packaging, and the usage is still growing rapidly. With the increasing competition in the market and the demand for sustainable development strategies of global brand manufacturers, the demand for recycled PET applications is growing and the importance of rPET product quality is increasing. PET bottle flakes washing lines are currently being introduced in the market for recycling and cleaning PET bottle flakes. So, what is the significance of the PET bottle flakes washing line for recycling PET bottle flakes?

The following is a list of contents

  • The significance of PET bottle flake recycling and cleaning for melt filters

  • The effect of different impurities on the melt filter

The significance of PET bottle flake recycling and cleaning on melt filter

Whether it is food grade recycled flakes, or super fine denier fiber grade application of ester pellets, it is necessary to produce clean bottle flakes from post-consumer PET whole bottles, through a series of cleaning processes, and then processed into flakes through pelletizing. With the continuous improvement of pelletizing technology, the precision requirements of melt filters are also greatly increased. 40-60μm filter screens are required for the production of downstream recycled PET bottle grade applications, and 15-20μm filtering accuracy is required for ultra-fine denier filament grade chips. in such a precise dimension, the above impurities are the main factors causing the melt filter life to decline.

Compared to Virgin PET, rPET pelletizing, the production and processing process, melt changer/filter, filter or component replacement cycle is short and frequent, increasing production costs and material losses, and poor stability of physical properties indicators, including viscosity uniformity, chip color, etc. In the production process of recycled PET bottle flakes to slices, the removal of impurities in the cleaning section has a significant impact on the service life of the melt filter in the latter part of the granulation process. Removing as many impurities as possible in the PET cleaning section will greatly improve the service life of the melt filter and the quality of the finished product.

Influence of different impurities on the melt filter

High amount of dirt attached to the surface of polyester bottle flakes, inorganic impurities and polyolefin substances mixed in the bottle flakes, etc. Inorganic impurities, such as mud, sand, metal directly block the filter, polyvinyl chloride in the polyester melt temperature to form carbide, partly blocking the filter and components, partly in the screw is squeezed in the polyester mixed in the polyester affect fiber whiteness. Polyethylene, polypropylene in the polyester melt, a part of the formation of cohesive particles blocking the filter and components, the bottle surface is not washed viscose in the processing temperature of about 270 ℃ to form a mass of carbide, blocking the filter and components, the surface is not washed grease, sugar, mold at high temperatures, so that the polyester cross-linking, the formation of cohesive particles blocking the filter and components.

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