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What is the role of impact modifiers in the production of PVC profiles?

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The impact modifier is an important raw material in the production of PVC profiles. When using PVC profile production lines for production activities, adding the appropriate impact modifier can effectively improve the quality of PVC profiles. So, what is the specific role of using impact modifiers?

Here is the list of contents

  • The principle of impact modifier

  • What are the classifications of impact modifiers?

The principle of impact modifier

An important element of polymer material modification is to improve its impact resistance, PVC resin is a polar non-crystalline polymer, there is a strong force between the molecules, is a hard and brittle material, the impact strength is low. After adding the impact modifier, the elastomeric particles of the impact modifier can reduce the total silver grain initiating stress and use the particles' own deformation and shear band to prevent the silver grain from expanding and growing, absorbing the impact energy transmitted into the body of the material, thus achieving the purpose of impact resistance. Modifier particles are small to facilitate the increase in the number of modifiers per unit weight or unit volume, so that their effective volume share increases, thereby enhancing the ability to disperse stress.

What are the classifications of impact modifiers?

At present, the more widely used organic impact modifiers. Organic impact modifiers are classified according to their internal molecular structure and can be divided into the following categories.

  • Scheduled elastomer (PDE) type impact modifier. It belongs to the nucleus-shell structure of the polymer, the nucleus is a soft elastomer, giving the product a high impact resistance, the shell is a polymer with a high glass transition temperature, the main function is to isolate the modifier microparticles from each other, the formation of free-flowing component particles, to promote its uniform dispersion in the polymer, to enhance the interaction and compatibility between the modifier and the polymer. Such structures of the modifier are MBS, ACR, MABS, MACR, etc., which are excellent impact modifiers.

  • Non-predetermined elastomer type (NPDE) impact modifier. It belongs to the net polymer, and the modification mechanism is to modify the plastic by the mechanism of solvation. Therefore, NPDE must form a net structure that covers the resin, which is not very good compatibility with the resin. Modifiers of this type of structure are CPE, EVA.

  • Excessive impact modifier. Its structure is between the above two structures, such as ABS. for PVC resin specific varieties of CPE, ACR, MBS, SBS, ABS, and EVA several.

  • Rubber impact modifiers. Rubber impact modifiers are excellent performance toughening agents, the main varieties of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR), EPDM, nitrile rubber (NBR) and styrene-butadiene rubber, natural rubber, butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber, polyisobutylene, butadiene rubber, etc., of which EPR, EPDM, NBR three most commonly used to improve low-temperature impact resistance is superior, but are not resistant to aging. Plastic door and window profiles generally do not use such impact modifiers.

Our PVC profile production line can produce PVC wood-plastic profile products, and the products produced are mainly used for pallets, packaging boards, flooring, outdoor decoration materials, etc., which are widely used. The production line equipment is highly adaptable and can process a variety of materials at the same time. Adding an impact modifier can effectively improve the impact resistance of the products to enhance the quality of the products. With years of production experience and advanced technology, Zhangjiagang Chenxing Machinery Co., Ltd can provide a high-quality and high-performance profile production line. And we have a professional team that can provide professional pre-sales consulting service and after-sales maintenance service. If you are interested in our products and want to get more detailed information, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to your visit!

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