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What is the difference between a mixer and a high-speed mixer?

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In industrial production activities, we often use high-speed mixers and blenders for mixing dyes, plastics, etc. high-speed mixers and blenders are essential tools in our industrial production activities. So, what is the difference between high-speed mixers and blenders?

Here is the list of contents

  • The function and working principle of a high-speed mixer

  • What is a mixer?

  • What is the difference between a mixer and a high-speed mixer?

The function and working principle of a high-speed mixer

We all know that the main function of a high-speed mixer is to quickly and efficiently and evenly shear, mix, homogenize and disperse the solids or liquids to be processed, and the effect of the products mixed by high-speed mixing is better and can achieve the ideal mixing effect. In addition, the high-speed mixer can also dissolve and mix some soluble solids and liquids. high-speed mixer in the work of the rotor of the stator rotates at high speed, which produces a relatively strong shear force, can quickly break up the material, dispersion, but also the liquid is not completely dissolved in the powder-like lumps of dispersion, dissolution, can achieve an emulsification effect of homogenization.

The high-speed mixer is a kind of mixer in a broad sense. As the use of a high-speed mixer (such as a disc serrated mixer) can form a strong local turbulent flow, usually have a strong dispersing emulsification effect on the material. The high-speed mixer is mainly divided into lifting high-speed mixer and kettle high-speed mixer, lifting high-speed mixer can be divided according to the lifting method: hydraulic lifting high-speed mixer, pneumatic lifting high-speed mixer, hand lifting high-speed mixer, etc.

A high-speed mixer has the following characteristics.

  • Adopting various specifications such as electromagnetic speed control, frequency conversion speed control, and three speeds, stable and powerful operation, suitable for various viscosities.

  • Hydraulic and mechanical lifting are two forms, lifting and rotating freely, adapting to various positions.

  • Common and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance.

  • Strong production continuity, rapid dispersion and dissolution of materials, good dispersion effect, high production efficiency, smooth operation, and easy installation.

  • There are different power and models for different materials' viscosity and processing capacity.

What is a mixer?

A mixer is a machine with a shaft with blades rotating in a cylinder or slot to mix and stir a variety of raw materials to make the material a mixture of a liquid of suitable consistency. There are several kinds of mixers, including forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer, and so on. Use must be cleaned inside the mixer, especially in winter, so as to extend the service life of the mixer. The mixer is the mixer because the usual role of the mixer is to mix and stir all kinds of dry mortar, commonly known as the mixer.

What is the difference between a mixer and a high-speed mixer?

The mixer is a very effective mixer to mix materials, but the mixer can only be mixed evenly with each other, but there is not enough shear force to break up some lumpy materials, dispersion, so the main function of the mixer is to quickly and evenly disperse the materials mixed. The high-speed mixer has a more complete function. A high-speed mixer can not only mix the dispersed materials but also mix the materials dispersed, which is the difference between a high-speed mixer and mixer, the two functions are different, the natural use of the scope, involving the industrial processing areas are also different.

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