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What causes brittleness in products of PVC pipe production line?

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PVC pipe production line is important equipment for PVC pipes, and we find that the products produced by PVC pipe production are brittle during the production process. There are many reasons for the poor physical and mechanical properties of pipe products, and this article will briefly explain a few common reasons.

Here is the list

  • What causes brittleness in products of PVC pipe production line?

  • Technical improvement of PVC pipe brittleness

What causes brittleness in products of PVC pipe production line?

The factors are mainly the following.   

Excessive PVC plastic pipe filler: With the development of technology, now most of the use of ultra-fine lightweight activated calcium carbonate, or even nano-level calcium carbonate, not only to increase the role of rigidity and filling but also has the role of modification. But the amount of its calcium carbonate filling is not unlimited, its ratio should be controlled. Some manufacturers now add calcium carbonate to 20-50 quality in order to reduce costs, which greatly reduces the physical and mechanical properties of the pipe, causing the pipe brittle phenomenon.   

Too much or too little stabilizer: The role of the stabilizer is to inhibit degradation or react with the released hydrogen chloride and prevent discoloration of PVC during processing. The dosage of stabilizer varies according to the type, but in general, too much dosage will delay the plasticization time of the material so that the material is not plasticized when it is exported from the mold, and the molecules in the formulation system are not completely dissolved and the intermolecular structure is not strong, thus causing the pipe to be brittle. The amount of too little will cause degradation or decomposition of the relatively low molecules in the formulation system, causing damage to the stability of the intermolecular structure of the components, thus causing the pipe to become brittle. Therefore, the amount of stabilizer will also affect the impact strength of the pipe, too much or too little will cause the pipe strength to be reduced and cause the pipe to be brittle.

The amount of external lubricant is too much: the external lubricant is less soluble with resin and can promote the sliding between resin particles, thus reducing the heat of friction and delaying the melting process. This effect of lubricant is big in the early stage of processing, that is, before the external heating effect and internal friction heat makes resin melt completely and resin in the melt loses its identifying characteristics. The external lubricant of PVC pipe production line is also divided into pre-lubrication and post-lubrication, over-lubrication of the material in various conditions are manifested as poorer shape, if the amount of lubricant is not proper, it may cause flow marks, low yield, turbidity, poor impact, surface roughness, adhesion, poor plasticization, etc. Especially when the dosage is too much, it will cause poor denseness and plasticization of the pipe, which will lead to poor impact performance and cause the pipe to be brittle.   

Technical improvement of PVC pipe brittleness

PVC composite pipe is a new type of composite drainage pipe material. The pipe is a three-layer co-extruded composite drainage pipe whose inner and outer walls are rigid PVC to ensure sufficient strength and other physical properties of the pipe, and the middle layer is made of PVC with a special formula and a micro-closed pore structure. This special structure, cleverly using the material mechanics of the I-shaped structure principle, microscopically can be observed in the middle layer, that is, a soft gel, so that not only has all the advantages of PVC pipe but also sound insulation, heat insulation, shock absorption, impact resistance, and lightweight and low cost than the characteristics of the solid wall of. Its specific advantages are as follows.

  • Lightweight and low price.

  • The smooth inner wall, low coefficient of friction, and improved liquid conveying efficiency.

  • High impact strength, its ring steel degree is 2 times of ordinary PVC-U.

  • good weather resistance can be used from -30℃ to 70℃, and good dimensional stability of the pipe when the temperature changes.

  • special composite multilayer structure, which greatly improves the sound insulation performance of the pipe.

  • strong self-extinguishing performance.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

  • improved pipe service life, 4-7 times that of ordinary pipes.

  • The installation cost of composite drainage pipe is lower than the general pipe, plus its corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and many other factors in a comprehensive comparison, higher performance than ordinary polyethylene pipe.

If you are interested in our PVC composite pipe production line, welcome to contact us! We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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