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What are the functions of PVC pipe production line?

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PVC pipe is very common in our production activities, it is mainly produced through several processes such as raw material, additive mixing, extrusion dies, solidification, cooling, cutting, stacking, and finished product testing. There is already a lot of production equipment on the market that can achieve all the above functions, and Zhangjiagang Morning Star is one of them. From the above we can see how powerful the PVC pipe production line is, but what specific functions does it have?

Here is the list of contents   

  • Functions of PVC pipe production line

  • Technical parameters of PVC pipe production line

Functions of PVC pipe production line

  • Mixing of raw materials: PVC materials and accessories are first mixed and processed according to the requirements. After the material is processed, it can slowly form the inherent form. When the temperature of the material is lowered to about 50 degrees, it can be directly added to the extruder for molding.   

  • Extruder parts: This equipment is equipped with certain feeding devices so that the extruded material is sufficient to ensure the product is formed. Since the diameter at the feed will be large, a conical screw is very necessary.   

  • Extrusion dies part: This part plays the role of melting and compacting in order that part of the extrusion die can be very fashionable.   

  • The machine is equipped with a water tank to ensure the proper operation of the water circulation system. The circulating spray allows the water tank to move up and down to ensure that each section of the pipe can be cooled evenly.

  • The machine automatically pulls the hardened pipe out of the head and automatically adjusts the variable speed.   

  • Cutter: The cutter plays a key role in the process as no cutting of the pipe is done after forming. The cutting machine and the selection device keep the same working frequency, when the cutting process happens, the powder can also pass through in time, but the powder produced will be sucked back again by the dust suction device.   

Technical parameters of PVC pipe production line

PVC pipe production line is different from PVC double pipe extrusion line. Compared with PVC double pipe extrusion line, PVC pipe production line can save 60% of electricity, 80% of gas consumption, and 50% of water consumption in the same output. PVC pipe production line can do the chipless cutting, which can greatly save raw materials and truly be pollution-free. Its electrical system maximizes the use of imported components, has a number of fault alarm functions, intuitive display, and is very convenient for operation and maintenance. The production line consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul-off machine, cutting machine, and stacker, and with different molds, it can be used to produce plastic products such as PVC door and window profiles, foam profiled material decorative panels, profiles, and wire channels.

Founded in 2002, Chenxing Company is specialized in producing plastic machinery equipment.  Our company produces a high-quality PVC pipe production line with excellent performance, energy-saving, and environmental protection, model FST-PVC4, which can manufacture pipes of 16-32mm and is easy to operate. In order to solve the customer's problems in the process of use, we have a special and professional after-sales staff to answer your questions in the process of use. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a professional pre-sales consultant to introduce our products to you.

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