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What are the characteristics of the PE wood-plastic composite profile production line?

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When it comes to PE outdoor wood-plastic, you have to admire it. Before you set foot in this industry, you always thought it was real wood and worried about its service life and whether it was anti-corrosive, but now you know that all your worries are superfluous. This article will give a brief introduction to the PE wood plastic composite profile production line.

Here is the content list

  • The characteristics of PE wood-plastic products

  • Features and uses of PE wood-plastic composite profile production line

The characteristics of PE wood-plastic products

convenience. PE wood plastic products raw materials can be waste plastic and waste wood chips, solve the problem of raw materials at the same time, but also control the cost.

environmental protection, we all know that forest resources are decreasing, wood and other raw materials are very precious, control is also very strict if a large cut on the environment ah is also not good, PE outdoor wood plastic products, whether it is its raw materials or its additives are environmentally friendly, but also safe, unlike what formaldehyde la harmful to the human body, wood plastic without any side effects, health is more important.

economic: traditional wood products if you can not use the use of generally used to burn, can not be reused, so burned also on the environment and a kind of pollution. Wood-plastic greatly solves this problem, the service life too, can be recycled and reused, update the production is new, does not affect the performance of the use, maintenance costs then you then re-purchase wood products to save too much.

practicality: we can all feel the wood class is very affected by the natural environment, such as water, fire, the weather, these have an impact on it, in the long run, will inevitably produce cracks, foaming, etc., but also easy to be a lot of insects corrosion, can be very good use are very difficult. Wood-plastic class stability is particularly good, will not be damaged because of the weather, the impact of insects, and wood-plastic wood can also be sawing, planing, bonding, very practical.

Features and uses of PE wood-plastic composite profile production line

The wood plastic extrusion line adopts a specially designed screw barrel, die, and extruder processing production process to produce wood-plastic products. The company's products in this series include wood-plastic one-step thick board equipment, wood-plastic one-step profile equipment, wood-plastic one-step decoration equipment, wood-plastic pelletizing equipment, and various wood-plastic molds. The line can be used to produce PE, PP, or PVC wood-plastic profile products, which are mainly used for pallets, packaging boards, flooring, outdoor decorative materials, etc. These products are very versatile. The amount of wood powder and plant fiber added is high, up to 50-75%. The equipment has strong adaptability and can process PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS, and other materials at the same time.

With years of production experience and advanced technology, Zhangjiagang Chenxing Machinery Co., Ltd can provide a high-quality and high-performance profile production line. And we have a professional team that can provide professional pre-sales consulting service and after-sales maintenance service. If you are interested in our products and want to get more detailed information, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to your visit!

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