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Operation points of PVC profile production line

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PVC profile production line is important equipment used for the production of PVC profiles and is very important in industrial production activities. However, there are still some difficulties for most manufacturers to regulate the use of PVC profile production lines. This article has compiled some of the key points of PVC profile production line operation for your reference.

Here is the list of contents

  • Precautions for dosage before using the PVC profile production line

  • How to use the PVC profile production line for the mixing process?

  • How to recycle PVC profiles?

Precautions for dosage before using the PVC profile production line

  • The batching personnel must receive a sufficient amount of raw materials in the warehouse and must pour out the raw materials in the bag during the batching period, without leaving any residual materials.

  • Strictly follow the material varieties and the specified weight as required by the formula list issued by the production management department, and check and weigh accurately.

  • According to the requirements of the production plan after the completion of each kind of raw material inspection and weighing tasks. Must be time to the kind of clean landing material recycling to the collection of material containers (with garbage and other landing material is strictly prohibited recycling)

  • After all raw materials are checked and weighed. After all the raw materials are checked and weighed, the different raw materials must be mixed into the fixed containers in proportion to the capacity of each mixing cylinder of the mixer.

How to use the PVC profile production line for the mixing process?

  • Start the mixer (it is strictly forbidden to add materials into the mixer when the mixer is stationary). Fill the blender's hot mixing barrel with the matched raw materials in order.

  • Control the temperature of the footplate of the hot mixing cylinder, and when the temperature reaches the standard temperature specified by the process (the actual temperature can be higher than the standard temperature within 2℃, but never lower than the standard temperature), but the raw materials into the cold mixing cylinder and continue mixing.

  • Control the stirring temperature of the cold mixing cylinder, when the stirring temperature cools to the standard temperature required for production (the actual temperature can be lower than the standard temperature by 2℃, but never higher than the standard temperature). Put the stirred raw materials into the elevator storage box.

  • Notify the feeding personnel (must be notified) and get the consent to start the elevator. Lift the raw material to the inlet of the vibrating screen.

  • Check whether the sieve leakage meets the quality standard, if not, stop the machine in time and return the raw materials in the storage tank to the mixer to be mixed again according to the requirements, and inform the feeding personnel before stopping the machine.

How to recycle PVC profiles?

  • Most of the PVC profile production lines produced in the market nowadays have the function of recycling PVC profiles, and the following are the key points when recycling PVC profiles.

  • Crack the PVC extruded materials and stack them neatly separately.

  • Crush different colors of recycled materials and bag them separately.

  • Crushed recycled materials will be ground separately according to different colors, and each one will be checked and bagged, sent to the mixing place, and placed neatly, and the mixing personnel will be notified to receive and do the procedures.

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