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How to use PVC profile production line for manual dosing

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At present, some small and medium-sized factories producing PVC profiles are still using the manual batching method. Since the batching process is a very important part of the production of PVC profiles, and the accuracy of the batching is directly related to the normal production and the quality of the products, each factory has developed the corresponding operation process and quality control measures according to its actual situation. In this article, we will briefly discuss the issues that should be paid attention to when using PVC profile production lines for the manual batching processes.

Here is the list of contents

  • What should I pay attention to during the manual batching process?

  • The basic process of using PVC profile production line

What should I pay attention to during the manual batching process?

  • The personnel must be trained and qualified before they are put on the job, and the training should include the training skills and professional ethics. The personnel should be kept relatively stable.

  • The accuracy of measuring instruments of PVC profile production line must be checked carefully before each operation, and regular measurement appraisal should be carried out.

  • Make good preparations before the operation, including the preparation of various auxiliaries' unpacking, inspection, neatness of yardage, preparation of the bag, and preparation of health and environmental protection apparatus and tools.

  • The operation should be carried out in accordance with the specified procedures and protocols. For example the use of several batches, each responsible for 1 to 3 kinds of additives flowing operation method, which to weigh first and then weigh which, the accuracy of the weighing should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.

  • The operation should be concentrated, not chatting or doing other things.

  • Strictly ingredient quality inspection system, there should be a person responsible for a piece by piece inspection, unqualified should not be sent to the mixing process to use. Generally check the total weight, that is, the total weight should be within the allowed range.

  • Pay attention to the hygiene, environment, ventilation, and lighting conditions of the working site and the health of the batching personnel.

The basic process of using PVC profile production line

  • According to the requirements of the production product type specification, install the extrusion die and shaping die that meets the specification of this product.

  • Check whether the instrumentation, electrical and mechanical facilities of the PVC profile production line running equipment are in normal condition, check whether the raw material supply is in place and whether the raw material composition is in line with the components required for this product.

  • Check again whether the fixing screws of the extrusion die and the setting die are tightened in place, and also check whether the water and steam channels are smooth and whether the extrusion dies, the setting dies, and the cooling water tank is on the same line.

  • Check whether the vacuum pump is normal; check whether the traction machine is running normally and whether the air channel of the traction machine is smooth; check whether the cutting machine is running normally and whether the air channel is smooth; check whether the air channel of the discharge frame is smooth.

  • Start the production. Operate the extrusion equipment correctly and adjust the relevant data to ensure product quality. After the product is formed, notify the quality inspection personnel to inspect it and normal production after the quality inspection is passed.

  • After normal production, quality inspection personnel notify the finished product packaging personnel to paste the relevant logo and do a good job of packaging and placement of finished products.

  • The quality inspection personnel will conduct quality tour inspection on time and notify the operators to rectify the quality problems such as thickness, weight, gap, and smoothness of the products in time.

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