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How to use PE pipe production line?

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PE pipe can be widely used in medical, chemical, and beverage industries, etc. PE pipe production line is important equipment for producing PE pipe. So, how should we use the PE pipe production line? What should we pay attention to when using it?

The following is the list of contents

  • Preparation work before starting PE pipe production line

  • PE pipe production line start-up and operation mode

  • Stopping mode of PE pipe production line

Preparation for PE pipe production line before start-up

  • Check all equipment of the whole production line for abnormalities and foreign objects, if there are, clear them in time.

  • Check the position of mold, sizing sleeve, fixture, water tank support wheel, sizing vacuum box support nylon plate, sealing rubber, and water blocking

  • rubber etc. is in accordance with the specifications of the products produced and meets the production requirements.

  • Check that the tractor, cutting blade, and rotary table are adjusted in place according to the product specifications.

  • Check whether there is the lubricant in the parts to be lubricated, especially whether the lubricant in the reduction gearbox is at the specified oil level.

  • Inspect, organize and clean each machine of debris, debris, and workplace.

  • According to the relevant process requirements, set the temperature of each section of the main machine and the coloring machine, first heat the mold for 2 hours, then heat the barrel, and when each heating area reaches the required temperature, then maintain the temperature for 30 minutes.

  • Weigh the masterbatches strictly according to the regulations, mix and stir well according to the formula requirements.

  • Put on the traction tube, you can use the same size or smaller size as the traction tube, don't use the too small a size as the traction tube to reduce the waste.

PE pipe production line start-up and operation mode

  • Open the water valve of the host reducer and heating jacket cooling system, and check whether the pipeline is smooth and there is no leakage.

  • After the holding time is reached, start the main motor and make the screw rotate at a low speed of about 5rpm until the mold is unloaded. When it is determined that the softness of the blank meets the bonding requirements of the joint, the joint can be manufactured.

  • Turn on the main machine for 5 - 10rpm, when the quality of the blank outreaches the bonding requirement, quickly apply high-temperature lubricant on the mandrel to prevent the blank from bonding on the mandrel and affecting the quality of the inner wall of the tube; when the amount of the blank outreaches the bonding requirement, quickly stop the main machine, quickly extrude the blank around the mandrel toward the mandrel, and at the same time start to reverse the drawing of the tube at a speed of 0.5 - 1.0m / s. After the end of the drawn tube is inserted into the blank Immediately stop the drawing machine; quickly perform the necessary treatment of the bonded joint and wait 1 - 2 minutes, then start the machine.

  • When starting the machine, turn on the main machine first, then turn on the traction force. At the same time, quickly turn on the spray water of the vacuum tank, the vacuum pump, and the cooling water of the sizing sleeve, then gradually accelerate. Pay attention to the actual condition of the joint and blank at any time and adjust the speed and traction force of the main machine.

  • Properly adjust the speed and heating temperature of each section to make the relevant parameters match well.

  • Control the cooling water at the front of the sizing sleeve to avoid the crawling phenomenon during the traction process and the reflection phenomenon on the local outer surface of the product

  • Pay attention to the changes of parameters such as host current, screw torque, melt pressure, and temperature displayed on the screen, and do not change the coefficient setting value of the relevant parameters at will.

  • Must strictly implement the system of filling in the operating records and the system of shift changeover.

  • If the power supply is suddenly interrupted during operation, regardless of the length of the interruption, once the power supply is restored, it must be reheated to the set temperature and properly insulated before it can be started, and it must be extruded at a slow speed.

Stopping mode of PE pipe production line

  • First, stop feeding, reduce the main engine speed and traction speed to 0.

  • When the machine is stopped, the pipe in the extrusion line should be pulled out at the original speed to ensure it is qualified and cut. The pipe shall not be stopped on the line.

  • Stop the main engine, auxiliary engine, and tractor.

  • Stop the heaters in each section.

  • Disconnect the main power at the start.

  • Close all water and air valves.

  • Equipment and site must be cleaned and sanitized, materials sorted, chips recovered, impurities removed, etc.

  • Maintain the equipment according to the relevant regulations, etc.

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