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How to operate a high-speed mixer?

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High-speed mixers are commonly used in mixing, drying, coloring, and other processes, and are ideal for the production of profiles, tubes, and all extrusion sets of lines, which have an important role in industrial production. As the use of high-speed mixers becomes more and more widespread, more and more people want to know about high-speed mixers. In this article, we will introduce how to operate the high-speed mixer so that readers can have a better understanding of high-speed mixers.

Here is the list of contents

  • The preparation work before starting the high-speed mixer

  • The main points of starting the high-speed mixer

  • Points to stop the high-speed mixer

  • Routine maintenance and care of high-speed mixer

The preparation work before starting the high-speed mixer

  • Check whether the oil level of the high-speed mixer is filled to the prescribed position, below which it should be added to the prescribed oil level, and above which it should be put to the prescribed position.

  • Checking whether the elasticity of the v-belt is appropriate.

  • The hand-driven impeller should rotate flexibly, with no frictional sound.

  • Check whether the fasteners are loose and the sealing parts have no leakage.

  • Turn on the main motor of the high-speed mixer, check whether the direction of rotation of the stirring is the same as the direction specified by the equipment.

  • Confirm that the above checks are correct before starting.

The main points of starting the high-speed mixer

  • Place the impeller in the center of the high-speed mixer container, press the down button and drop to the lowest position or the required position.

  • two handles must be locked before driving.

  • Turn on the main motor and press the button at the required speed for operation.

  • The high-speed mixer operation process should often pay attention to the current, such as the discovery of overload operation, should stop the equipment to check the cause, take measures before continuing to run the high-speed mixer.

Points to stop the high-speed mixer

  • Stop the main motor first, so that all impellers stop rotating.

  • Open the rising button of the high-speed mixer to make the spindle impeller rise above the container and clean the impeller.

Routine maintenance and care of high-speed mixer

  • The triangle belt should be of equal length, put into the transmission box, loosen and tighten properly, tighten the slide plate bolt and cover the top cover.

  • If the equipment is parked for a long time, the power shall be cut off, all scrubbed and cleaned, the lubrication parts oiled, the spindle and oil cylinder oiled to prevent rust.

  • Oil tank with 46 # hydraulic machine oil, replaced every six months, and clean the oil tank, the filter is cleaned once a month, within two or three days after the oil change.

  • The gears, bearings, balls, shafts, and bushings of the rotating part of the high-speed mixer and the oil cylinder, oiled once a week, overheating or abnormal noise found in the process of use should be checked in time.

  • If the thermal relay action due to overload causes parking, you need to press the "reset" button of the thermal relay before continuing operation.

  • AC contactor inspection every six months, equipment use once a year to overhaul.

  • Regular inspection of high-speed mixer wearing parts, such as bearings, oil seals, etc., found to be worn immediately replaced.

  • Must touch the high-speed mixer pot once a day to check, and carefully make a record of touching the pot.

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