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How to maintain the extruder?

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Routine maintenance and regular maintenance of the extruder can extend the service life of the extruder to a certain extent. This article will introduce the maintenance methods of the extruder from both routine maintenance and regular maintenance.

Here is the list of contents

  • Routine maintenance of extruder

  • Regular maintenance of extruder

Routine maintenance of extruder

Routine maintenance is a regular routine that is not performed during the operation of the machine but is usually done during the start-up period. The focus is on cleaning the machine, lubricating the moving parts, tightening the threaded parts that are easy to be loosened, checking and adjusting the motor, control instruments, working parts, and pipelines in time. Mainly include the following areas.

  1. Do not allow empty operation, so as not to roll the screw and barrel hair.

  2. If an abnormal sound occurs when the extruder is running, it should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.

  3. To prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent ferrous debris into the barrel, the material in the barrel at the filling port can be installed with magnetic parts or a magnetic frame, to prevent debris fall into the material must be sieved in advance.

  4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the production environment, do not let the garbage impurities mixed into the material block the filter plate, affecting the product yield, quality and increasing the resistance of the head.

  5. extruder reducer maintenance is the same as the general standard reducer. The main thing is to check the wear and failure of gears, bearings, etc. Reduction box should use the machine manual specified lubricating oil, and add oil according to the specified oil level height, too little oil, insufficient lubrication, reduce the service life of the parts; too much oil, heat, energy consumption, oil is easy to deteriorate, the same lubrication failure, resulting in damage to the parts of the consequences. Reducing box oil leakage parts should be replaced in a timely manner gasket to ensure the amount of lubricant.

Regular maintenance of extruder

Regular maintenance is generally in the extruder after continuous operation 2500-5000h machine shutdown, the machine needs to disassemble to check, measure, identify the wear and tear of the main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit, repair the damaged parts. Regular maintenance mainly includes the following aspects.

  1. When the extruder needs to stop being used for a longer period of time, the screw, barrel, head, and other working surfaces should be coated with anti-rust grease. The small screw should be suspended in the air or placed in a special wooden box and padded with wooden blocks to avoid screw deformation or bruising.

  2. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of its adjustment and sensitivity of control.

  3. The inner wall of the cooling water pipe attached to the extruder is prone to scale formation and external corrosion and rusting. Maintenance should be done carefully check, too much scale will block the pipeline, can not achieve the cooling effect, rust will be serious leakage, so the maintenance must take descaling and anti-corrosion cooling measures.

  4. To drive the screw rotation of the DC motor should focus on checking the brush wear and contact, the insulation resistance of the motor is above the specified value should also be measured frequently. In addition, we should check whether the connection line and other parts are rusted, and adopt protective measures.

  5. Designate a person to be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. And each maintenance and repair situation will be recorded in detail in the factory equipment management file.

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