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How to check the PE pipe production line before using it?

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Large diameter double-wall corrugated pipe is processed through the proverbial PVC and PE through the forming machine, which can be directly formed into the double-wall corrugated pipe and can make different specifications of large diameter double-wall corrugated pipe products by replacing the modules respectively. And PE pipe production line is a piece of important equipment for the production of such PE pipes, which needs a standardized operation in the process of use to make higher quality products and extend the service life of the equipment. So, what checks should be done before starting the PE pipe production line?

Here is the list

  • What checks should be done before starting the PE pipe production line?

  • The main technical parameters of PE pipe production line

What checks should be done before starting the PE pipe production line?

Before using the PE pipe production line, you need to check the function of the equipment to avoid equipment failure affecting the project process during the production process. The following are the checks that need to be done before starting the PE pipe production line.

  • The pipe production line must be supplied with the required cooling water, compressed air, and electricity before starting up.

  • Turn on the main power switch of the production line and check whether the power supply of the extruder, automatic feeding system, vacuum pump and pump traction machine of the production line is normal.

  • Install the components such as mouth die, core die, sizing sleeve, sealing disc, gasket, and cutting machine according to the pipe specifications produced.

  • Adjust the vacuum sizing box and spraying box up and down position.

  • Add water to the vacuum box cooling box to the specified position, and adjust each water temperature control instrument to the best temperature.

  • The vacuum sizing machine should close each bypass pipeline, each main pipeline to water, close each manual drain valve, check whether the switch of each water supply and drainage can reach the normal position.

  • Turn on the main machine, set the process temperature, and turn on the temperature control. The host machine will be heated up and the temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the production products.

  • When the temperature reaches the set temperature, keep it for more than 30 minutes before turning on the machine.

  • When the die head is mounted on the extruder, tighten the nut with a force measuring wrench according to the specified torque, and when the equipment is heated to the processing temperature, tighten the nut again, and add high-strength washers to the nut when it is mounted.

  • Adjust the gap between the mouth die and the core die consistently, and adjust the mouth die and the sizing water sleeve so that the two are on the same axis.

  • Add the corresponding raw materials into the hopper according to the production needs.

The main technical parameters of PE pipe production line

Our PE double-wall corrugated pipe production line has two models, BW-IV and BW-IV-A. Both models use the same mold material, perimeter, and cooling form, the material is special aluminum alloy, the mold perimeter is 7m, and the cooling form is air-cooled. The production speed is the same, 0.5m-2m per minute, and the raw material can be PVC and HDPE. the difference is that the main machine of BW-IV is a single/twin screw extruder with 11kw power, while the main machine of BW-IV-A is a conical single/twin screw extruder with 15kw power.

With years of production experience and advanced technology, we can provide high-quality and high-performance pipe production lines. And we have a professional team that can provide professional pre-sales consulting service and after-sales maintenance service. If you are interested in our products and want to get more detailed information, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to your visit!

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