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How about the PPR pipe production line?

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PPR pipe is one of the most widely used plastic pipes in the world, which can meet high sanitary and environmental requirements from production to recycling due to its excellent sanitary performance. This article will give a brief introduction to the PPR pipe production line.

Here is the list of contents

  • Application range of PPR pipes

  • What are the parts of the PPR pipe production line?

  • Performance of PPR pipe production lines

Application range of PPR pipes

PPR pipes are often used in homes and construction projects because of their advantages such as heat resistance, pressure resistance, heat preservation, energy saving, long service life, and economic benefits. The following are the application areas of PPR pipes.

  • Hot and cold water systems in buildings, including central heating systems.

  • Heating systems in buildings, including floor, siding, and radiant heating systems.

  • Water supply systems for purified water that can be consumed directly.

  • Central (centralized) air conditioning systems.

  • Industrial piping systems for transporting or discharging chemical media, etc.

  • Piping systems such as gas lines for cylinder transmission.

What are the parts of the PPR pipe production line?

PPR pipe production line is a one-stop supply, consisting of the loader, hopper dryer, single-screw extruder, die head, calibration, cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine, and stacker, which is now widely used in developed countries. PPR pipe production line is a new product with homogeneous welding seam technology in hot and cold water conveying projects, and it's comprehensive technical, performance and economic indexes far exceed those of other similar products, especially its excellent The PPR pipe production line can achieve the ultimate high health and environmental requirements in the whole process of producing, using, discarding and recycling products. The benefits of the product produced, i.e., PPR pipe, include but are not limited to heat resistance, pressure resistance, and long service life.

Performance of PPR pipe production lines

Of course, the quality of the pipe production line equipment is also very important, and the performance of the machine has a great impact on the molding effect of PPR pipes. The following are the performance characteristics of our PPR aluminum-plastic composite pipe production line.

  • Extruder with the branded speed control system, barrier type two-stage mixing PPR special screw, and slotting barrel.

  • The sizing part is made with stainless steel plate, vacuum negative pressure sizing, and circulating water cooling.

  • The traction part adopts pneumatic clamping and brand frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize stable traction of the pipe.

  • Forming part has a perfect forming and compounding process to ensure the pipes are reasonably combined together.

  • The whole production line adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programmable computer control to realize automation, which can realize the program control of extrusion, traction, compound forming, and cutting to ensure the whole production line is a closed loop.

Zhangjiagang Chenxing Machinery Co., Ltd., its predecessor is Sanxing Plastic Machinery Factory. Our company produces three types of PPR aluminum-plastic composite pipe production lines, including PPRG-32, PPRG-63, and PPRG-110. the whole machine is reasonable, easy to operate, and highly automated. If you are interested in our products and want to get more detailed information, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to your visit!

Zhangjiagang Chenxing Machinery Co., Ltd., its predecessor is Sanxing Plastic Machinery Factory. It evolved into a joint-equity enterprise in 1996 from the former collective enterprise. 







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