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Film washing line for surface modification of PE film

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PE is also an impermeable plastic material, which can be used to produce PE impermeable film. PE material is widely used, but in actual use, it faces problems such as printing difficulties, poor wettability and adhesion, and poor compatibility with other polar polymers. Surface modification of PE materials using film washing lines can improve the overall performance of the material. Next, we will take PE film material as an example and discuss with you the influence of surface modification treatment of film washing lines on the surface properties of PE film.

The following is the list of contents

  • Film washing line to improve the hydrophilic properties of PE film and the timeliness of the treatment

  • The etching effect of film washing line on PE film surface

  • The activation effect of the film washing line changes the elemental composition of the material surface

Film washing line improves the hydrophilicity of PE films and the timeliness of the treatment

The film washing line can open the C-C and C-H on the surface of PE film, and the resulting free radicals will form a large number of polar groups containing oxygen and nitrogen on the surface of the film material after contacting with nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor, and the number of polar groups has a direct impact on the hydrophilicity of the material. significantly improved.

The polar groups introduced by the film washing line are unstable, and after a certain period of time, they tend to revert, and the number of polar groups decreases until they disappear. The reason for the instability is largely due to the oxidation of free radicals on the film surface into less polar peroxy groups and other forms in the air and their disappearance, which leads to a slow reduction of hydrophilic properties on the PE film surface over time, in addition, there may be a certain amount of sub-stable neutrals generated on the film surface after plasma treatment, which causes energy release and leads to a reversion of properties.

Film washing line on the PE film surface etching effect

film washing line treatment of PE film can achieve surface etching, the original smooth surface becomes uneven, forming a groove shape, increasing the surface friction of PE film, enhancing its surface hydrophilic properties, unlike the introduction of polar groups of time-sensitive, plasma etching traces and deepening will not be placed for a long time and restore.

The activation effect of the film washing line changes the elemental composition of the material surface

PE is mainly composed of C and H elements, through film washing line activation treatment, can change the elemental composition of the PE film surface to a greater extent, through the formation of the material surface to hydroxyl, carboxyl, carbonyl-based polar groups to reduce the C element mass fraction, increase the O and N element mass fraction.

Comprehensive above, the film washing line treats PE film material, and through plasma activation and etching effect, it can effectively improve the hydrophilic property of PE film and solve the problems of difficult printing, poor adhesion, and compatibility of PE film in actual use. Our company provides PE film washing line, which can effectively treat PE film.

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